Simulating Reality

About us

Evalf Computing is a technical consultancy company that specializes in the development of computer simulations of physical processes. We provide:

Virtual prototypes

Save money and time in product development by reducing the number of manufactured prototypes. High quality simulations often provide more information at a fraction of the cost.

A multi-physics approach

Don't worry if your application does not seem to fit our area of expertise; our Finite Element software is capable of simulating solids, fluids (CFD), gas dynamics, chemistry, and any other process that obeys the laws of physics.

Simulation software

Set up your own Finite Element simulation using our open source tools, or let us develop one for you. Any code we develop is yours to keep and comes equipped with an accessible web-based interface.

Trainings and support

Let us improve the knowledge base of your organisation. We provide trainings in the fields of physical modeling, Finite Element simulations, parallel computing, and more.

A large network

Let us introduce you to our partners; if we cannot help you ourselves, chances are we know somebody who can. We also mediate contact between industry and academia.

Competitive pricing

Don't pay too much. Our business model enables us to provide a high quality service at a very competitive rate.

Connecting worlds


Computational physics is a rapidly progressing field in which the boundaries of computability are continuously shifting. Unfortunately, many scientific advances never see practical adoption by the parties that stand to benefit. In a world where scientific relevance is measured increasingly by real world utility, partnering with Evalf has several advantages.

  • Our presence in industry helps us identify computational bottlenecks and formulate realistic test cases for showcasing new methodologies.
  • We provide support for the implementation of new methodologies suitable for full scale testing in three dimensions. Note that choosing to open source this code may directly qualify as knowledge utilisation in grant applications.
  • We help mediate direct public/private partnerships for the application of research grants.


Although numerical simulations have seen considerable adoption in industry, the techniques that are being applied are often lagging years, if not decades, behind the state of the art. Following scientific progress first hand by working directly together with academia, Evalf is in a unique position to close this gap and bring your simulations into the 21st century.

  • We provide or assist in the implementation of modern computational techniques, which have the potential of greatly improving the trade-off between simulation accuracy and computational cost.
  • We open new doors to simulations that were formerly considered computationally infeasible.
  • In case your computational needs surpass the current state of the art, we can use our connections to mediate research projects and spearhead innovation that is directly of use to your business.

Value for money

At Evalf we create high-quality simulations of any class of problem using our in-house developed Finite Element library Nutils. This approach of keeping full control over our software uniquely enables us to provide fully tailored solutions for any type of project.

An additional advantage is financial. Where most companies are forced to charge significant licensing fees, Nutils comes free of charge and is in fact freely available for download. In combination with a low-overhead operation, this allows us to offer the highest quality product at a very competitive price.

Furthermore, we can make problem specific code, that was developed to support the consultancy, available as part of our knowledge transfer. This unique approach adds significant value by enabling full flexibility in future derived developments, thus safeguarding the continuity of your enterprise as it builds on our results.



Finite Elements for power users

The backbone of all our simulations is formed by our open source Finite Element library Nutils. Heavily used by academia, this tool gives ultimate freedom to build complex simulations as well as experiment with novel discretization techniques.

  • Open source under the MIT license
  • Written in the Python programming language
  • Just-in-time compiled for native performance (currently in beta)
  • Web viewer included
  • Used in 20+ scientific publications

Simulations at your fingertips

Webnutils is a web based interface to Nutils that requires no knowledge of the underlying numerical methods, allowing full focus on the physics. Accessible from any device without the need to install anything, Webnutils is the ideal simulation environment for classrooms and development teams alike.

  • A fully graphical interface built on Evalf's SWEEP Web-based Execution Environment for Python
  • Ready for tablet and mobile phone
  • Support for all modern browsers
  • Using the latest authentication methods
  • Hosted in the cloud or installed on your own servers, installation and support contracts possible


Evalf houses doctorate level expertise in the fields of mathematics, engineering mechanics, and computer science. On a mission to share this expertise as widely as possible, we don't stop at providing quality technical advice and state of the art open source software; we also organize technical training courses directly.

We develop material for any audience, from university class rooms to engineering teams, tailored to needs and wishes and with examples that are directly relevant to your business or research. Topics can range from strictly theoretical (mathematical modeling, model verification and validation, foundations of the Finite Element Method) to highly practical (scientific and parallel computing, programming in Nutils, efficient programming in Python) and anything in between.

Strengthen your organisation by investing in knowledge. Contact us to find out what quality trainings from Evalf can mean for you.


Working with Evalf means getting experts on board. Providing invaluable support in the area of computer simulations and engineering, the benefits of working with Evalf include:

  • More than ten years of industrial and academic experience
  • A pragmatic and goal oriented attitude with no compromise on quality
  • A large network and wide range of expertise
  • Engineering advice directly from the developers of Nutils
  • Tailor made Finite Element simulations that secure development and continuity within your group
  • Professional support in model derivation, discretization, and implementation by our leading team of experts


A: Burgwal 45, 2611GG Delft, The Netherlands


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